International students attending Central Michigan University hail from wildly different backgrounds from a variety of different countries.

I have developed a map with an approximated visual representation of the source countries of the international students attending CMU. Each plot represents roughly 10 international students and the figure includes all ELI, undergraduate and graduate students attending CMU, to better depict the variety of homes of these students.

Additionally, I have included a poll regarding whether the university provides adequate assistance for international students.

The number of on-campus international students has increased dramatically from previous years and the nations of origin have changed significantly as well. If it is believed that there is not currently enough resources for students attending CMU, it will have even greater consequences for students who come in the future.

Infographs themselves should supplement stories I may write in the future. That is, they should not be redundant and restate facts, but may further elaborate or may compliment the story with a visual representation of the “bigger picture.”