Over the course of this past semester, I have learned quite a bit from my Introduction to Journalism class. In a very broad sense, I became familiar with fields of journalism outside of my area of interest while I also came to understand their respective evolution to their current forms. Additionally, I furthered my familiarity with programs such as Audacity and Adobe Premiere CS6 in order to create forms of non-traditional media such as vidcasts, podcasts and even this blog.

All of that being said, I think that the most important information I received was the importance of entering my desired field of journalism as soon as possible. With repeated emphasis upon internships and applying for Grand Central and/or Central Michigan Life, I came to understand how critical obtaining work (whether paid or not) truly is to my future as a journalist. So  in essence, if there’s one thing that I have grasped from this class, it is that the best way to learn to become a journalist is to actually apply somewhere and become a journalist.

And don’t worry, I was only being about half sincere when I wrote this.