Last Friday, classmates in my Introduction to Journalism class received an assignment to interview one of there fellow students. Naturally, being the somewhat socially awkward fellow that I am I chose the fellow behind me, who turned out to be Brett Kissane.

Kissane first discussed his anticipated major of broadcasting journalism. He stated that his initial interest was sparked after he made a  podcast with one of his friends and that he was greatly anticipating the (at the time) upcoming podcast assignment. One day, Kissane aspires to work for ESPN or some similar sports network due to his love of all sports.

Though he is quite familiar with and a fan of virtually every sport, his personal favorite is professional american football. If he had to choose a favorite player and team, it would be the Detroit Lions and their all-star quarterback Matthew Stafford. Kissane shared that after years of prolonged futility, he immensely enjoyed the Lions’ recent 10-6 season, in which they made the playoffs.

Don’t get me wrong, the Detroit Lions are my favorite football team as well, but no athlete in the history of sports comes even close to the greatness of Peyton Manning.

Lastly, Kissane mentioned that he is an enthusiastic fan of video games. One specific game that he enjoyed playing was Borderlands, where he participated in the co-op campaign with his aforementioned friend. Kissane has pre-ordered the upcoming game of Borderlands 2, which he can’t wait to get his paws on.